Environmental Management

The environmental management division at AR & Associates delivers optimal and solutions using ‘soft’ and innovative engineering approaches founded on Low Impact Design (LID) philosophies for land development and the management of streams, lakes and coastal areas.
We have in-house catchment planning and ecology expertise which complements our core civil engineering strength. This results in a holistic approach to project design.

Our team’s environmental management expertise spans a number of fields including:  Water Sensitive Design (WSD); Low Impact Design (LID); stormwater management; flood assessments; stream assessments and rehabilitation; erosion protection; earthworks, erosion and sediment control;

coastal management including shoreline management plans, sea wall design, beach replenishment and coastal erosion assessments.  We offer environmental management services to both the public and private sectors.

Public Sector Environmental Management Services

We supply resilient, practical and cost-effective environmental management solutions to stormwater and coastal management issues and have particular expertise in stream management, coastal erosion management, stormwater management, integrated catchment management planning and green way design.

Meeting Council Needs

Our environmental team has a strong background working within the public sector, so we understand council processes and requirements from the inside.  We can offer additional resources to help push projects through efficiently, on time and on budget.

Integrated Thinking

At AR & Associates our multidisciplinary approach means that we carefully consider how projects interact with the wider environment and we look to deliver practical, cost effective solutions that consider ecological, safety, amenity and other benefits wherever possible.  We call this approach integrated thinking.

Diverse Technical Knowledge

Our skill set includes engineering, ecology, geology, coastal management, pollution management, planning and surveying.   We have a wide range of experience including a strong track record supporting council teams with flood management issue identification, option evaluation, stormwater issue data management and submission of business cases attached to the best long-term solution.

Project Management

We also support council project teams by offering full project management services from drawing up a detailed design through to consenting, tendering and management of the construction phase.

Integrated Catchment Management Planning

Our integrated catchment planning services cover the management of relevant investigatory work and preparation and peer review of integrated catchment management plans (ICMPs), multi criteria analysis (MCA), project development, consultation and other related work.

Green infrastructure for private developments

Working with the Land to Deliver Better Design:

We design attractive developments that stand the test of time.  By adhering to the principles of Water Sensitive Design (WSD) and Low Impact Design (LID), we integrate green infrastructure with urban design, roading and landscaping to enhance and protect the unique features of the land.

Balancing Project Drivers:

Designing infrastructure that is viable and environmentally sensitive requires expertise in both civil and environmental management, in addition to understanding our clients’ commercial drivers.  At AR & Associates we supply both.  We work with land developers and landscape and urban designers to create attractive premium developments.

In addition to providing a clear point of difference when selling land titles, intelligent use of green infrastructure rather than traditional concrete pipes and ‘hard’ infrastructure can significantly reduce overall construction costs, and results in robust, resilient, attractive and durable stormwater solutions.  Through this integrated and smart design approach, at AR & Associates we will achieve multi-faceted win/win outcomes for your project.

Key Areas of Practice

  • Project management
  • Integrated catchment planning
  • BPO assessments including Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA)
  • Stormwater modelling
  • Contaminant load modelling (CLM)
  • Urban stormwater contaminant (USC) modelling
  • Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) and consent applications
  • Monitoring plans
  • Technical reviews and advice
  • Stormwater treatment, attenuation and re-use
  • Water Sensitive Design (WSD)
  • Erosion management
  • Stream condition assessments and rehabilitation
  • Environmental and RMA planning
  • Coastal management planning
  • Coastal structure design
  • Cycleway planning and design

Examples of some of our environmental management projects can be found here

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