Roof garden Wynyard Quarter

Low Impact Design / Water Sensitive Urban Design

As a great example of Low Impact Design (LID), or Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) this Green Roof was recently installed by Stormwater 360 in Wynyard Quarter. The use of Green roofs in an urban setting can have many positive environmental impacts, including slowing down the hydrological cycle, filtering contaminants through biofiltration, increasing biodiversity and reducing the need for building cooling and heating. Reports have indicated that not only does it help to keep the inside of the building cool, but it can reduce the ambient air temperature at the air conditioning intake ducts. This means less energy is used to cool air through the air conditioning system. For access to the full Idealog article, please follow this link. For more information about the Stormwater 360 Live Roof product please follow this link.
Esther Goh, 19 April 2012 @ 4.13pm, Living Roof Joins the Wynyard Quarter Party, Idealog