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Green Roofs & Urban Agriculture

Green roofs are essentially transforming a normal urban rooftop into a roof that is partially or completely covered with waterproof membranes, and topped with one or several forms of vegetation (eg. grass, flowers, plants). This concept utilizes plants ability to filter through excess water; controlling run-off, and also more plants increase oxygen levels, providing insulation and a habitat for wildlife.

‘Green roofs’ are becoming increasingly more common in urban areas – with two buildings in Brooklyn having taken the concept a step further. Not only have they developed a green roof for two buildings spanning 2.5 acres, they’ve transformed this vast area into a rooftop farm. The farm was designed for growing vegetables to sell to local restaurants and residents, and now produces 50,000 lbs (22,680 kg) annually. This is a huge produce output for an urban area. Read the full article and have a marvel here.

It is great to see an urban environment intensifying and utilizing spaces that would usually be baron, ideas like this will be necessary in the future to support our rapidly growing population.

Here at Ar Civil Consulting Ltd we support the use of low impact design principles as a way of managing stormwater. For a more local example on low impact design visit our other article here.

It will be interesting to see what happens with green roofs as urban areas expand especially its implementation into New Zealand – could be a fantastic concept to implement in all new urban buildings!