Kirimoko Park

Kirimoko Park featured in Business South

AR Civil Consulting Ltd is currently working on an exciting new development down in Wanaka named Kirimoko Park, that uses natural features to its advantage, aiming to produce a residential eco-subdivision that incorporates unique landscape, urban architecture and low impact design (LID) principles.

AR Civil Consulting Ltd uses tools such as rain gardens and swales for a stormwater management alternative to traditional piping techniques, using natural ground depressions for channeling runoff and vegetation to filtrate contaminants in runoff . AR Civil Consulting Ltd is pleased to be a part of this visionary project that will have low costs on its surrounding environment, an environment that is so iconic to New Zealanders.

For more specific details on what AR Civil is involved in view our project summary here.

Kirimoko Park has been very popular in this picturesque region of New Zealand, with all lots in stage one sold.

Recently Kirimoko received publicity in ‘Business South’. Click on this link to read this fantastic article (Page 11).