The Best Practicable Option – What do we really mean?

8 May 2013 – Water New Zealand’s 8th South Pacific Stormwater Conference 2013, Auckland

Jack Turner – Principal Environmental Planner / Civil Engineer, AR Civil Consulting Ltd, Auckland
Jack Turner presented his information in the Prezi format. Click here for a link to the presentation.
The Resource Management Act 1991 introduced the concept of the Best Practicable Option with respect to the management of discharges, and henceforth set the framework for the way in which many if not most stormwater-related activities would be regulated. This framework however is open to interpretation and discretion, leading to significant inconsistencies in the way that the BPO is argued and determined.
Drawing on significant experience gained by AR Civil Consulting Ltd over the past 10 years, both through the design of numerous projects and the review of a large number and variety of resource consent applications on behalf of Auckland Councils, this paper presents a synopsis of this experience in terms of the interpretation and implementation of the BPO framework, and attempts to provide a clearer understanding and greater consistency in the implementation of BPO criteria, specifically in the context of stormwater management.