Resource Management Planning

Planning for a better future: We have a strong team of planners who together offer proven resource management planning expertise at every level: from providing planning policy guidance and evidence to the preparation and processing of resource consent applications.

No Surprises Approach: We are involved in the day-to-day resource consent application work in the public and private sector and can supply planning policy guidance at national, regional and district level.

We are equally conversant in all aspects of urban and greenfield planning and have a detailed, up-to-date understanding of council regulations and processes.  When you deal with AR & Associates you can have confidence in our no surprises approach.  

Resource consent and planning

Strong Council Track Record Delivers Results

Our planning team has a sound track record in assisting councils with resource consent planning applications, including the review and processing of applications quickly, efficiently and to a high standard.

This experience in turn provides much of the foundation for our private sector planning work, and when it comes to putting successful resource consent applications together we pride ourselves on getting them right the first time.  Fewer requests for information mean fewer delays in getting resource consent applications processed.  A thorough and comprehensive assessment up front means that we deliver a smoother process with no surprises.  We take pride in the quality of our work and our ability to deliver on time.

Planning Policy Guidance

Our senior planning consultants work with large infrastructure providers, land developers and private land developers who wish to influence the implementation of the Resource Management Act in their region or district.  AR & Associates act on their clients’ behalf to give independent planning policy guidance and evidence as part of a regional and district council review process.  We act with integrity to ensure sustainable outcomes are achieved for our community and the environment.

Expert Witness Work

At AR & Associates we also represent clients in the capacity of expert witness in court, in the field of planning, in addition to our other fields of practice.  We work with clients to prepare and present robust, well informed and defensible evidence.  Our thorough approach has led to repeated success for our clients over the years.

Key Areas of Practice

  • Urban land use planning, including greenfield and brownfield subdivision and development
  • Regional planning
  • Resource consent applications, including Assessment of Environmental Effects
  • Designations and outline plan of works
  • District/Regional plan policy development
  • Private plan change
  • Preparation of evidence
  • Project management
  • Consultation

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